IQ Dungeon Walkthrough (2024)

IQ Dungeon is a frustratingly addictive puzzle adventure game. Packed with simple but out of the box small puzzles, this one will either keep you laughing or throwing your mobile against a wall. We hope it's the first of those two. Which is why we've put together this IQ Dungeon walkthrough to help you through the tough bits in as spoiler free way as we can.

Please remember to try to puzzles yourself before hitting the spoiler button. It's not just a matter of getting the answers to these puzzles, but having a go and a laugh at the same time!

General Tips

Here are a couple of general tips to remember when playing Dungeon IQ

  • Use your imagination and try different things
  • Use logical thinking and think hard
  • Think outside of the box, anything is possible in this game.

Here we will take you through all of the levels in IQ Dungeon, skip to the level you are having trouble with and tap the spoiler button to reveal the solution. We'll try to drop hints and tips where we can.

On this page we have the walkthroughs and tips for levels 1-10

Level 1 - Prepare Equipment for Your Adventure

IQ Dungeon Walkthrough (1)

Tips: In this first level you need to equip yourself with the weapons that are in the shop. But to do that you'll need to find the gold first.


Drag the grass that is by the feet of the knight to reveal the gold coins. This will complete the level.

Level 2 - Rescue the Girl

IQ Dungeon Walkthrough (2)

Tips: You've probably already tried hitting the Goblin, let's try another route. The girl says something, what if the Goblin did too.


Tap the girl to make her say help. Drag the Help speech bubble to the Goblin to complete this level.

Level 3 - Defeat the Enemies

IQ Dungeon Walkthrough (3)

Tips: Kinda obvious what you need to do, move that rock, but it's not so obvious how to do it. Our tip here is to do something other that tap the screen to move the rock


Tilt your phone to roll the rock off of the cliff and squash the Goblins.

Level 4 - Defeat all Enemies

IQ Dungeon Walkthrough (4)

Tips: There seems to be a particular order to defeat the Goblins


You'll need to level up your character to defeat all of the Goblins, to drag your knight to the knights in the following order 2 - 3 - 1. This will allow your knight to level up when defeating knight 2 and 3. If you try knight 1 first you won't level up nor have enough hit points left to take on another Goblin.

Level 5 - Find the Entrance to the Dungeon

IQ Dungeon Walkthrough (5)

Tips: Sometimes in a level there is more of is that what you can see on the screen.


Try swiping all the way to the right, this will reveal the dungeon entrance, go far enough to get level victory.

Level 6 - Open the Dungeon Door

IQ Dungeon Walkthrough (6)

Tips: Look at the Gargoyles eyes to help you with the solution to this level, then tap the stone plinth in front of the doors at set the eyes correctly before tapping the key switch.


IQ Dungeon Walkthrough (7)

The solution to this is to set the first three eyes as open and the last two (from left to right) as closed. Then tap the key in the center to claim victory.

Level 7 - Defeat the Goblin

IQ Dungeon Walkthrough (8)

Tips: You'll need to strike at the right opportunity here.


When the Goblin hits you, that is the time to hit him and take some of his hit points. It should only take a few hits to defeat this Goblin and complete the level.

Level 8 - Open the Door

IQ Dungeon Walkthrough (9)

Tips: Check out the locations of the stone statues, and transpose them onto the ground. But one is missing.


IQ Dungeon Walkthrough (10)

Move Abel the Knight the missing location where the statue has fallen and there is a brick missing.

Level 9 - Escape by Making a Single Wall

IQ Dungeon Walkthrough (11)

Tips: Keep the Goblins away from Abel, but also keep a route clear to the exit.


IQ Dungeon Walkthrough (12)

There is only one line that will work. Drag a line from the square to the right of the exit arrow, right to the bottom to the right of Abel's feet.

Level 10 - Cross the Path

IQ Dungeon Walkthrough (13)

Tips: Connect the entrance to the exit by moving the path. But you'll have to do it in a specific order


IQ Dungeon Walkthrough (14)

The solution to this one is to have a specific path that goes from the key to the treasure chest to the Goblin. Just move the various path pieces around to connect one end to the other in the order specified.

IQ Dungeon Walkthrough (2024)


How many levels are there in IQ dungeon? ›

IQ Dungeon offers a rich variety of over 300 levels of puzzles, brain teasers, escape games, and more. Depending on the level, you'll need (1) out-of-the-box thinking and inspiration or (2) logical reasoning and analytical skills.

What does IQ do in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon? ›

IQ is a new mechanic introduced in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. The higher the IQ of your Pokemon, the "smarter" it gets. As Pokemon gain in IQ, they also learn special skills known as IQ Skills in the process. These IQ Skills confer upon a Pokemon certain advantages which help it function better in dungeons.

How many IQ categories are there? ›

IQ Classifications
140 and overGenius or near genius
120-140Very superior intelligence
110-120Superior intelligence
90-110Normal or average intelligence
2 more rows

How many points does IQ go up? ›

A recent meta-analysis of 42 data sets involving over 600,000 participants up to 63 years of age found that cognitive abilities improved by approximately 1 to 5 IQ points for every additional year of education.

What is the hardest dungeon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon? ›

Purity Forest is generally regarded as the hardest dungeon in the game, mainly as success depends on luck of the items that appear.

How to boost IQ level? ›

Challenge your brain by breaking your routines, reading, solving puzzles, and seeking new experiences to increase your IQ. Supplement your efforts by getting plenty of protein, vitamin B, and rest, all of which enhance your brain's ability to remain alert. The right diet and lifestyle can do wonders.

What is the best Pokémon to play as in Mystery Dungeon? ›

Best early-game Pokemon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX

Meowth, Linoone, and Teddiursa are a few fantastic examples. Meowth is one of the best starter Pokemon in Mystery Dungeon DX. While these creatures also have a randomized Ability, you will be in for a treat if they come with the Pickup Ability.

How many levels are in pixel dungeon? ›

5 dungeon regions, 26 floors, over 100 room types, and trillions of possible floor layouts. Over 60 enemy types, 30 traps, and 5 detailed bosses to test your skills. 9 optional challenges and over 100 achievements for completionists. Interface modes for large and small screens, and support for multiple input types.

How many levels are there in the volcano dungeon? ›

The Volcano Dungeon has 10 floors in total, and completing them all will lead the player to the Forge, one of the most interesting features in Stardew Valley. On the fifth floor, there is a little store owned by a Dwarf where players can get food and other interesting items.

How many ranks are there in mystery dungeon? ›

There are seven ranks in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red/Blue Rescue Team, being the Normal Rank which is the starting rank, the Bronze Rank, the Silver Rank, the Gold Rank, the Platinum Rank, the Diamond Rank and the Lucario rank.

How many levels are in dungeon crawl? ›

Dungeon Overview

In any one game, there is a total of 88 finite levels, plus two infinite realms (Abyss, Pandemonium).

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