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Picking the perfect name for your new arrival is an exciting time! If you’re drawn to male names that start with K, or perhaps you’re looking for a meaningful K boy’s name, then we’ve got the perfect list for you. From the most popular, unique, and cool names that start with K, to some biblical, international, and cute names to help inspire you, we’ve got all the K boy names and their meanings for you to enjoy:

Popular Boy Names That Start With K

If you’re looking for common boy names that regularly hit the top spots on the baby name rankings, we’ve got a list of the Top 10 baby boy names that start with K in the United States for 2020:

1. Kai. Hitting the top spot is this increasingly popular and cute boy’s name that starts with K. Not only is it of Frisian origin, but its origins also lie in Hawaii, meaning “sea,” and China meaning “triumph,” making this name a cultural experience. In Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale, The Snow Queen, Kai is the name of a young boy, making it a sweet fairy tale baby names choice.

2. Kayden. Next up is the first of our Caden variations that sits just within the Top 100 baby boy names in the United States. It’s also a popular choice in England and France, perhaps due to its modern vibe and spelling.

3. Kingston. Meaning “king’s town” in Old English, Kingston has a strong and modern vibe for a boy’s name that starts with K. In 2006, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale gave their baby this name, causing a significant rise in its popularity. It also boasts the regal short form, King.

4. Kaiden. Up next is a modern boy’s name starting with K and a variant of Caden. Its meaning is unknown; however, it possibly comes from an Irish surname. Kaiden’s similarity to popular names such as Hayden and Aiden have helped it become a trendy K name for boys.

5. Kevin. If you’re looking for an old-fashioned boy’s name that still remains popular globally, Kevin is the one for you. This English form of the Irish name Caoimhín meaning “beloved birth,” is the name of the patron saint of Dublin, giving it some Irish charm. Kevin has a multitude of namesakes for you to choose from; from actors such as Kevin Costner, to basketball player Kevin Durant. This popular name could be a slam dunk for your baby boy!

6. Karter. This modern K version of Carter has been climbing the baby boy name chart since 2005. Originally from an English surname meaning “user of carts,” the K adds a trendy twist.

7. King. Whether you’re looking for a royal baby name that literally means “monarch,” you wish to honor civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr., or perhaps you just want to pay homage to the king himself, Elvis; this strong name is fit for the future ruler of your household.

8. Kyrie. This modern name only came into fruition as a boy’s name in 2012. It’s possibly a combination of the sounds found in the names Tyree and Kyle. Basketball player Kyrie Irving helped to popularize this name.

9. Kaleb. This modern English variant of the biblical name Caleb has the unusual meaning of “dog,” making it perfect for pooch lovers. However, you might prefer the alternative meaning “whole of my heart,” which certainly reflects the feelings that a newborn brings.

10. Knox. Last but not least on our popular K boy names list is this cool celebrity baby name used by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for their baby boy in 2008. Originally a Scottish surname, Knox means “round hill.”


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Unique Boy Names That Start With K

Are you looking for unusual and rare boy names that start with K? Perhaps you want a name that stands out from the crowd for your alternative little guy. If that’s the case, check out our unique boy names that start with K for something a bit different:

11. Kallinikos. This name is certainly a unique K name for boys with its eye-catching spelling and Ancient Greek origin. It means “beautiful victory” and provides the N boy’s name Niko as a cute nickname.

12. Kastor. Another K name for boys is this Greek form of Castor meaning “to shine.” The C version is found in Greek mythology as the twin brother of Pollux, making up the constellation Gemini. You could choose Kastor and Pollux as two unique twin baby names for your little guys.

13. Kellan. This variant of the name Kellen increased in popularity when actor Kellan Lutz played Emmet Cullen in the Twilight movie series. It also has the unique meaning of “swampy area,” which might not seem attractive, but your little boy might find it fun.

14. Kelly. Until the 1950s, Kelly was predominately a male name before it became more popular for females. Now, this Irish name meaning “bright-minded” is a relatively uncommon boy name that starts with K. With its Irish charm and a throwback to the classic actor Gene Kelly, this name could be a winner.

15. Kendall. Originally from the city Kendale in England meaning “valley on the river Kent,” Kendall has recently become more popular as a girl’s name. However, the TV show Succession with its character Kendall Roy might bring this name back into the spotlight.

16. Khnum. If you’re looking for a name that’s especially unusual, Khnum comes from Egyptian mythology and was the god of fertility, as well as being associated with water and the creation of the river Nile. This god was often depicted with the body of a man, head of a ram, and occasionally using a potter’s wheel.

17. Kiefer. Although this unique boy’s name that starts with K is relatively uncommon, it has a big star namesake in actor Kiefer Sutherland, son of Donald Sutherland. The actor was named to honor writer and director Warren Kiefer who directed Donald Sutherland’s first movie. In German this name means “pine tree” or “barrel maker.”

18. Kipling. This quirky name comes from an English surname and place meaning “Cyppel’s people.” The British writer of the famous novel The Jungle Book, Rudyard Kipling, bore this as his surname. In the United Kingdom, Mr Kipling is a well-known baked goods company. This name might be sweet enough for your baby boy.

19. Konrad. Meaning “brave council,” Konrad is the German, Scandinavian, and Polish form of Conrad. It’s a noble and strong name that was used for several German kings and Holy Roman Emperors throughout history.

20. Kristian. For a traditional name with a Scandinavian twist, look no further than this version of Christian meaning “a Christian.” The K gives it a more modern feel and moves away from the religious aspect of the name. You can also choose cute diminutives like Kris.

More Unique Boy Names That Start With K

We’ve got even more unique boy names starting with K:

Choosing a baby name can be fun yet also overwhelming. Watch this video for some exciting facts that could help you find the perfect baby name!

Biblical Boy Names That Start With K

Are you a fan of the classic biblical names? Or perhaps you’re looking for a strong Hebrew name. Either way, check out our list of some great biblical baby names that start with K for your little boy:

31. Kaapo. If you’re looking for a unique version of a biblical name, look no further than Kaapo. It’s the Finnish variant of Gabriel meaning “God is my strong man,” and is known for being an archangel and messenger of God in the Old and New Testaments. It’ll be an interesting choice for your little angel.

32. Kain. In the Greek Old Testament, Kain is used as a form of the name Cain meaning “acquired.” Kain was the first son of Adam and Eve and also a farmer, making this a good choice for those with a farming background.

33. Kalev. Kalev is the Hebrew form of the popular name Caleb. With the cute meaning “dog” for the animal lovers, or “whole heart” for a simply sweet meaning, this K boys name feels trendy with a hint of the Bible.

34. Kaloyan. From the Greek kalos Ioannes, this name means “handsome John,” making it another unique version of a classic biblical name. Kaloyan was also a thirteenth-century emperor of Bulgaria who defended the empire from the Fourth Crusade.

35. Kapel. This Yiddish biblical boy’s name that starts with K is a diminutive of Jacob meaning “supplanter.” In the Old Testament, Jacob was an important patriarch of the twelve tribes of Israel. Kapel might make a nice name to honor the traditional Jacob.

36. Kayin. Here we have another form of Cain, found in the Hebrew Bible. Interestingly, this name also has West African origins meaning “celebrated child” in Yoruba, a meaning that you can certainly identify with.

37. Kemuel. In Hebrew, Kemuel means “raised by God” and was a nephew of Abraham in the Old Testament. It has a similar sound to the popular S boy’s name Samuel, making it a distinctive and unique alternative.

38. Korneli. These K biblical boy names are providing us with a multitude of unique variants on the more common biblical names. Korneli is the Georgian form of the Roman name Cornelius meaning “horn.” It adds a playful and down-to-earth vibe to the more serious Cornelius.

39. Koresh. In the Hebrew Bible, Koresh is used as a form of Cyrus meaning “far-sighted,” or “young.” He was known for freeing the Jews and helping them return to Israel in the Old Testament.

40. Kreskes. Kreskes, the Greek biblical version of Crescens is found in briefly in the New Testament and means “to grow.”

More Biblical Boy Names That Start With K

Cool Boy Names That Start With K

Whether you’re looking to honor your favorite musician, actor, or movie character, this list of cool boy names that start with K has a bit of everything to add spice to your baby boy’s name:

51. Kal-El. Let’s start off with a name so cool, it’s fit for a superhero! Kal-El was the name created in 1938 for the birth name of Superman, before his adoptive parents gave him the name Clark Kent. Actor Nicolas Cage named his son Kal-El in 2005, giving this name A-list status.

52. Kamden. If you’re looking for a modern and urban boy’s name that starts with K, this version of Camden conjures up images of hip Camden Town in London. This name is also in the Top 500 baby boy names in the United States.

53. Kameron. Adding a K to the beginning of a name can give it a bit of a kick! As is the case with this modern version of Cameron. Even with its unusual meaning of “crooked nose,” this name remains strong and on the rise in popularity for boys.

54. Kanye. If you’re a fan of the rapper Kanye West, you could honor your musical preferences with this cool name. The release of his debut album in 2004 helped propel this name into the top 1000 boys’ name list, if only for a brief time. It possibly originates from an African town name and would make a cool and unique middle name for boys .

55. Kash. Short and distinctive, Kash is another cool option if you want to honor the musical legend Johnny Cash, but using the unique K. This name originated as an English surname for a box maker.

56. Keanu. Not only does this name originate in Hawaii and literally have the cool meaning of “cool breeze,” but it’s also the name of the famous actor Keanu Reeves. So, if you want to pay tribute to your Hawaiian roots and favorite actor, this easy breezy name might be a great choice for your little man.

57. Kingsley. We have King and Kingston, and here’s another cool noble option, Kingsley. Meaning “King’s wood” in Old English, this name also has a namesake in the Ministry of Magic employee Kingsley Shacklebolt from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. So, it’s a royal name with a fun, magical touch!

58. Kobe. In honor of the basketball star Kobe Bryant, you might enjoy this short and trendy name that comes from a city in Japan. Interestingly, Kobe Bryant’s parents chose his name after seeing Kobe beef on a menu.

59. Konstantin. This form of Constantine in many languages has the mature meaning of “constant” and “steadfast,” however, the addition of the K adds a down-to-earth vibe. Constantine the Great was the first Christian emperor of the Roman Empire, giving this name a strong feel. You could also use the sweet and playful nickname Kon.

60. Kylo. No cool boy name list is complete without throwing in a good villain. Kylo Ren plays the villain in the Star Wars movie sequels, played by actor Adam Driver. Even with its dark side, this name is a fun and trendy alternative to Kyle, with its fashionable O ending. It’s definitely a cool K name for boys that your little guy is sure to enjoy.

More Cool Boy Names That Start With K

International K Names For Boys

Let’s take a trip around the world for lovers of travel and those of you that wish to honor your heritage with a beautiful international baby name starting with K:

71. Kaarel. If you’re looking for an international version of the old-fashioned name Charles, which itself is derived from Karl, why not try out this Estonian form of the name? Meaning “man,” or “warrior” in German, Kaarel adds a unique spin for those with Estonian heritage.

72. Kaimana. If you love names that conjure up images of scenic islands and crystal-clear waters, look no further than Hawaiian boy names ! Meaning “ocean power,” or “diamond,” this name of Hawaiian origin is evocative and strong and also provides you with the cute nickname Kai.

73. Kálmán. Of Hungarian origin, this was the name borne by a twelfth-century Hungarian king. It is used as both a surname and a male given name in Hungary but is rarely used internationally. Perhaps, if you have Hungarian roots, this could be an interesting K boy’s name for your little king.

74. Karim. If you greatly value generosity, this Arabic name simply means “generous.” An alternative spelling is Kareem, made popular by basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

75. Kerry. Hopefully, your little one will receive the luck of the Irish with this charming gender-neutral name from an Irish county. In Irish Gaelic, it means “Ciar’s people;” Ciar can be found in Irish legend and his name means “black,” making this a unique masculine name for your wee dark-haired man.

76. Klaus. This German name may bring to mind a white-bearded man wearing a big red suit, as well as the 2019 children’s movie of the same name. Your little boy might gain a lot of joy from this fun version of Nicholas, the patron saint of children, sailors, and merchants.

77. Klement. Klement is the Czech and Slovak form of Clement meaning “merciful” and “gentle,” making it perfect for your mild-natured and sweet-hearted baby boy. The C version was the name of many popes and saints throughout history.

78. Koen. This Dutch name looks and sounds pretty cool and trendy with its relation to the hip filmmakers the Coen brothers. Meaning “brave council,” Koen is the short form of Koenraad, which is a form of the English and German name Conrad.

79. Kresten. Here we have a Danish variant of the classic name Christian, simply meaning “a Christian.” Perhaps Kresten can add a unique touch to the formal, pious name.

80. Krishna. For your dark-haired little boy, Krishna means “dark” and “black” in Sanskrit. In Hindu tradition, Krishna was an incarnation of the god Vishnu and is also respected as a supreme deity.

More International Boy Names That Start With K

Cute and Pretty Boy Names That Start With K

A cute and pretty name can come in many forms, from short and simple names to names with attractive meanings. So, whatever vibe you’re looking for, we’ve got plenty of cute and pretty boy names that start with K for your handsome little one:

91. Kalani. Let’s start off with this dreamy gender-neutral Hawaiian name meaning “the heavens.” Its other-worldly charm and heavenly sound certainly make it an attractive and cute boy’s name that starts with K.

92. Kam. This is the short and playful form of Kameron, with the unusual meaning of “crooked nose” can be used as a nickname or a simple and effective given name.

93. Kari. Although Kari has a pretty and feminine vibe, it’s actually a Finnish masculine name and a form of the Spanish baby name Macario, meaning “blessed” and “happy.” It’s certainly both a sweet and pretty K boy’s name.

94. Kay. It’s difficult to get more attractive than a name from Welsh mythology and Arthurian legend, and this name gives you both! From the Roman name Gaius meaning “to rejoice,” Kay was one of the Knights of the Round Table and also a brave companion of Arthur in Welsh tales. You can certainly rejoice in this romantic boy’s name starting with K.

95. Ken. The name of Barbie’s boyfriend is the short form of the Scottish name Kenneth meaning “born of fire,” or “handsome.” And to add to this cute, vintage name, it’s also of Japanese origin meaning “healthy and strong.” Ken has a lot to offer for your handsome baby boy.

96. Kermit. Kermit the frog gives this K boy’s name a cute vibe, whereas to be taken more seriously, it’s good to know that this name is of Irish origin from the surname Mac Diarmada meaning “without envy.” So, it’s your choice; to be green or not to be green?

97. Kian. Another name of Irish origin is this adorable version of Cian meaning “ancient” and “enduring.” It’s solid and distinctive with enduring Irish charm.

98. Kit. One-syllable names are strong yet adorable, giving new life and fun nicknames to long baby names . Kit is the diminutive of Christopher meaning “bearing Christ,” and has a modern vibe from Game of Thrones actor Kit Harrington who played John Snow.

99. Kristoff. If you love names straight out of fairytales, Kristoff Bjorgman is the kind-hearted character from the Frozen movies whose best friend is Sven the reindeer. Now, that certainly makes for a cute boy’s name that starts with K.

100. Kurt. This cute name can be a German variant of Conrad meaning “brave council,” or a variant of Curt and Curtis meaning “courteous.” Its namesake musician Kurt Cobain gives this name a cool 1990s grunge vibe for fans of the legend.

More Cute and Pretty Boy Names That Start With K

Powerful Boy Names That Start With K

Are you looking for a name that shows strength of heart? Perhaps you enjoy names with powerful meanings for your little warrior. Either way, check out our list of the most powerful boy names that start with K:

111. Kailash. Consider the strength and beauty of a mountain; Mount Kailash forms part of the Trans-Himalayan mountain range in Tibet and is considered sacred in some religions and the paradise of the Hindu god Shiva. This nature-inspired baby name is powerfully evocative for a stead-fast little man.

112. Kali. This short gender-neutral name may sound sweet and pretty, but the powerfully fierce Hindu goddess and wife of Shiva (the god of destruction and restoration), shows the strength and power of this name. Even though this is the name of a goddess, it’s generally used as a masculine name in India. Either way, there’s no denying how powerful it is!

113. Karl. This simple masculine name gets its strength from its namesakes, which include emperors of the Holy Roman Empire, as well as Norwegian and Swedish kings, making it a name fit for a king! The German philosopher and social revolutionist Karl Marx is also a bearer of this strong name.

114. Kazimir. With its cool Z in the middle, Kazimir makes for a zinger of a name. It’s a Polish name and a variant of Casimir meaning “destroyer of peace,” which gives this name a destructive power, but hopefully, your little one is more of a peacemaker than a peace destroyer.

115. Keith. Originally from a Scottish surname, Keith was a big hit in the 1960s and 1970s for its strong and wholesome vibe. Meaning “wood,” it was also the name of a long line of Scottish nobles, giving this name a regal touch for your future leader.

116. Kendrick. A trendy-sounding name originally used as a surname, Kendrick either comes from the Old English meaning “royal power,” or Welsh meaning “chief hero.” Either way, it makes a strong and determined K boy’s name, with rapper Kendrick Lamar only adding to its cool factor.

117. Kennedy. If you want a strong presidential baby name for your baby boy, Kennedy was the surname of President John F. Kennedy, often a popular namesake for boys. This Irish name has also become a popular choice for girls. Either way, it feels trendy yet traditional.

118. Kenneth. With its cute diminutive of Ken and meanings of “handsome” and “born of fire,” Kenneth has a vibe that could stand the test of time. It was the name of the first king of Scotland, as well as the hero from Sir Walter Scott’s novel The Talisman.

119. Kleopatros. The power of this name mostly comes from its relation to the female name Cleopatra; recalling the powerful Egyptian queen, Cleopatra VII. Kleopatros is the unique Greek masculine form of the name and may give your little guy an appreciation for the strength of both men and women throughout history.

120. Kratos. There’s something powerful about baby names based on Greek mythology , especially Kratos which simply means “power” and “strength.” He was a child of Styx and Pallas in Greek legend and is also a character and hero in the video game God of War.

More Powerful Boy Names That Start With K

Even More Boy Names That Start With K

The Bottom Line

If you were inspired by all those baby boy names starting with K, but you’d like to keep the baby-naming party going, check out our boy names that start with L , or our unique baby names and Mexican baby names for your little one.

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Top Baby Boy Names That Start With K | Pampers (2024)


What famous male names start with k? ›

Male celebrities first names that begin with K
  • Kerr Smith. Actor. Director Final Destination (2000) ...
  • Kiefer Sutherland. Actor. Producer. ...
  • Kyle Howard. Actor. Writer. ...
  • Kyle Gallner. Actor. Producer. ...
  • Kyle Chandler. Actor. Producer. ...
  • Keegan Allen. Actor Pretty Little Liars (2010–2017) ...
  • Keanu Reeves. Actor. ...
  • Keir Charles. Actor.

What are the rarest boy names that start with k? ›

An original boy name that begins with K will set your little one apart from the crowd.
  • Kabir - great (Arabic)
  • Kairo - victorious (Arabic)
  • Kalvin - little bald one (Latin)
  • Kamden - winding valley (American)
  • Kaven - handsome (Irish)
  • Kayson - rejoice; healer (English)
  • Kazz - peace maker (Japanese)
  • Keef - gentle (Scottish)

Which god name starts with k for boy? ›

Hindu Baby Boy Name With Letter K
KrishangLord Shiva
KrishnaLord Krishna
KrishnachandraLord Krishna
KrishnadevaLord Krishna
232 more rows
Nov 8, 2023

What is the number 1 boy name? ›

Hundreds of thousands of parents registered their babies' names with BabyCenter this year, and the results are in: For the first time in five years, there's a new top baby boy name, with Noah overtaking Liam for the number one spot.

What Bible name starts with K? ›

  • Kabzeel.
  • Kadesh.
  • Kadmiel.
  • Kadmonites.
  • Kaine.
  • Kallai.
  • Kamon.
  • Kanah.

What is a unisex name on K? ›

Choose from today's most popular choices for a unisex baby name that starts with K, like Kai or Kennedy, or go with names that are both trendy and traditional, like Kendall, Kyle or Karson.

What is a unique boy name? ›

Parker - English, meaning 'park keeper'. Phoenix - Greek, meaning 'dark red'. In ancient Greek mythology, a phoenix is a bird that has the power to regenerate itself from its ashes. Reid - Old English one syllable boy name, meaning 'by the reeds'.

What is the most popular K name? ›

For boys, the most common K name is Kai, recently overtaking the previous favorite Kayden from the Aiden name craze. Along with Kai and Kayden, other boy names starting with K in the US Top 200 include Kingston, Kevin, King, and Karter.

What is a first name with letter K? ›

Top 100 Baby Boy Names That Start With K
45 more rows

What astrology names start with K? ›

Star Names: K - M.
Common NameAstronomical NameDerivation/Meaning
Kaus MediaDelta SagittariiArabic/Latin: "middle part of the bow"
KeidOmicron 2 EridaniArabic: "eggshells"
KitalphaAlpha EquuleiArabic: "part of a horse"
KochabBeta Ursae Minorisunknown meaning, possibly Arabic for "knee" or "star" or Hebrew for "star"
41 more rows

What name starts with K in the Bible? ›

  • Kabzeel.
  • Kadesh.
  • Kadmiel.
  • Kadmonites.
  • Kaine.
  • Kallai.
  • Kamon.
  • Kanah.

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